‘I always say, keep a diary and someday it’ll keep you’  Mae West

This is a history of a life lived.  A life, of which, two thirds were spent either in or recovering from three serious relationships with two men.  A life filled with much pain, many tears and much heartbreak.

There was, of course, laughter, sunshine, happy times and many memories which will stay imprinted on my heart forever. Most of those memories are of my most precious gifts, my three beautiful, successful, unique and mad children, but their story is their own and this is mine.

My diary I wrote but put away and did not read until my life became worth no more.  This is my lesson.  My lesson in that had I listened and heard what my heart and my intuition was saying, maybe, just maybe I would not have spent thirty years in turmoil.

So this is my reminder of the lesson I should have learnt.  This is my reminder that only when you truly listen do you really hear.  And this is my reminder that I still have a whole life to live and to be true to who I am takes courage.

But this is also for my children, so that maybe one day they will understand my choices, understand my life, but most of all understand and know me.

It is a life backwards, as http://livelovelifealways.wordpress.com/ is a life forwards.  Together they become My Life! My Way!



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