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I dreamt, once.

I dreamt of a little girl.  A child adorned with ringlets of sunkissed gold and whose eyes told of innocence and love.  She played as she sung, a twinkling of sound that reached through the moment and stirred memories of a time long ago.  Before her a box carved smooth by the years and the hands that had touched it.  The treasures, the priceless jewels that it carried, to the child were mere trinkets that chimed to the heart song that breathed from the essence of her life.

And as I watched, my soul shed tears…

I longed for her to be able to choose just one, only one.  To choose just one of the jewels that she held in her hand.  Jewels that sparkled in the warmth of the summer sun reflecting stained glass patterns to the sky above.  Jewels that shone and spoke of beauty, jewels that would remain long after the girl had gone.

Jewels that were treasured and guarded with life. Jewels that would be left behind.

She could not see, she could not hear.

She was my past, yet she spoke of my future.

And I knew that not one jewel she could take, not one piece of treasure could go with her.

The sacrifice.  All to be left behind.

And as she faded from this life, a whisper of a memory, an echo of a song once sang, the lonely sound of a now forgotten dream hung in the gold speckled light.

What she did not know, I know.

And my soul shed tears for what I will leave behind


Inspired by: Daily Prompt: Ebb and Flow  A reminder that we can not take anything with us, just our memories.  A reminder that, even though for some of us life is painful, we only have one.  A reminder to live it well because the treasures we store, we collect, we keep, are only with us for a short time.  They are just trinkets, toys to be played with.  It is always the beautiful people we meet and the moments that steal our heart and leave us breathless that have true value and add true meaning to our lives.