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My room?  My perfect room!  My room is to be alone!

To be alone, alone with my thoughts, my musings, my imagination, my memories.  To be alone, alone with my hopes, my dreams and my…. my fears, my history, myself!

My room?  My room where my fingers furiously drum the notes of my mind and the lament of a soul aching to be heard.  The sigh of loneliness whispering ‘please hear me, don’t let me go’.

My room is quiet, silent, still.  Murmurs of darkness, hanging precariously over a void.  A descent into obscurity.  Jagged edges scrapping and grazing.  An echo, calling, crying, weeping into vague uncertainty.

A spiral of hidden emotions, spinning and whirling, plunging deep into an abyss and consuming every fleeting moment.

And fear?  Fear of depth!  Fear pushing, pulling, snagging and somersaulting.  A plummet into a concealed heart.

But relief!  Relief flooding, drifting and winding its way through, drenching a thirst, renewing a spirit and refreshing a soul.

You see my perfect room!  My perfect room is here in my head, my perfect room the darkness which gives me light.  My perfect room is to be alone!

My window?  My window.. my eyes.  My window.. my soul.  My window.. my ears and my window is my heart.

And my window?  It looks out onto a world.  It sees and hears.  And only then can my fingers drum the beat of a rhythm called life, that only a heart that has been broken, only a soul that is alone can sing.

Inspired by: Daily Prompt: Writing Room