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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”   Maya Angelou

Captured moments!  Each year, each memory, written in the moment, about a moment….. laughter, tears, fear, smiles, agony and reasons for the pain.

Each moment, a moment in time to be re-lived again and over and just once more.

The darkness, the light, the rainbows, the sunshine, the storms.

The anger, the misery, the despair, the hurt.

The desires, hopes and dreams.  The wishes and the promises.  The secrets!

The goals, ambition and choices!

The comedy, the merry-go-round, the roller coaster of life and the hazy summer days.

The love, the enchantment, the romance.

The hunger and the longing.  The yearning and the passion.

The agony, the ecstasy, the tragedy!

The wisdom of a soul, the deceit of a heart, the questions, the answers unseen, intuition on reflection concealed and lessons to be learnt.

The journey, the adventure, the path, the road, the mountains climbed.

Moments to cherish, to treasure, to preserve.

The truth, no lies, no mask.

Each word penned with love, with pride, with fire.  Memoirs burning to be told.

And when the memories of the mind begin to fade and the narrative becomes blurred.  When the mist of time clouds the thought, when your light begins to fade.

The theme of a life, once lived, is still there.  A life written on pages waiting to be discovered, to bring back what is lost.  A script waiting to be shared, a novel to be read, a story to be told, a history come alive.

The pages of the diary….

Because I don’t want to be forgotten!

Inspired by:  Daily Prompt: This Is Your Life