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Icy sparkles of frost embroidered over the world, the whiteness illuminating empty branches of charcoal against the midnight of the sky.  The intricate designs spun as webs of deceit, aspects once unseen now enlightened by the cold.  Silence of darkness embracing depth of wintertime.

Smouldering embers, shimmering through the smoky haze emanating from the crackle of blistering logs on the hearth.  Crisp outdoor freshness of pine smeared with the tangy zest of orange and the snap of peppermint.  Toasty warmth of cinnamon nestling the sultry, creamy aroma of steaming cups of chocolate mixed with sweet, syrupy marshmallows.

The dancing sparkle of brightness, twinkling against tiny teddy bears, painted wooden rocking horses and twisted red striped candy canes decorating the festive, evergreen tree.  The incandescent glow of a star radiating hope from the loftiest place.  Crunch of paper enveloping the surprises, snuggled beneath the fern coloured needles, eagerly awaiting the moment they would be unwrapped.

The magic of the dusting of footprints and the jingle of the bells breaking the penetrating iciness and the hush of the peaceful dark.  The tiny gasps and whispers of excitement, in anticipation of the awaited visitor bringing wishes and dreams to all good children on this one night.

The young, heavily pregnant mother cradling her two young children, both expectantly watching her every move and waiting for the moment.

Christmas past…..

Look again with new eyes……

The two young children clutching and holding their mother afraid to let go.  The young, heavily pregnant mother hoping with all of her heart that this time….. this time someone would listen, that this time would be the last time.

The crackle of the radio!  The men talking and then laughing together!  The glances! The blue of the lights flashing through the curtained window!

And that young mother knowing that this day would not be the last time.  This day she would not be rescued.  This day no one would listen and no one would hear.  This day her hope was gone.

But today is not that day!  And today, that not so young mother knows that, that day was a Christmas past…..