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The eyes are the window to the soul” Unknown Author

If you look closely, look carefully, if you search then you will see.

For it is in the eyes.  Eyes that never lie.  Eyes that say what you are thinking, what you are feeling. Eyes that lead a path straight to the heart.

What is desired the eyes will tell.  The true beauty of a person captured there.

I would look.  And I would search, but I would not see.  I would marvel, I would fascinate as I looked into the exquisite starless blackness.  The swirling depths of such hypnotic intensity drawing me closer, refusing to let go.  Time would cease to exist.  Life would stand still for a moment.

And I would let my soul be taken and fall.  Fall in the dark depths of a cavern to entwine with a soul so connected to, yet so different from mine.  Never sure as to whether I would land or whether the falling would become part of me.

The intensity of that moment still makes me gasp as though my life breath has been drained from me.  Those moments I thought I would never come back from.  Those moments I was unsure as to whether I was no longer awake but sleeping in a dream so deep.  A dream that I did not want to wake from.  A dream that consumed me.

Those wakening moments still slip into my day.  Still pull me from reality into a dark, velvet, silent world that drowns my soul.

And I question!  I question every day!

Did I glimpse a part of my own soul buried deep?  A soul dark and terrifying?  A soul tormented?  A soul that left me powerless, struggling to hold on to life?

Were we two lost souls?  Damaged and lonely?  Connected because of our past?  Because of the love we once shared?  That first love shared between teenagers?

First love?  That love which blinds the eye and throws life into confusion.  Love which ferociously pirouettes at dizzying heights in an agonising whirlwind of passion and ecstasy, lighting up the sky like a rainbow of burning embers of dust hitting the Earth’s atmosphere.

Love that can leave the heart feeling as though it is being ripped from your very being. Love that is like no other.  Love that can leave a heart and a soul totally broken.

Or did I, when looking into those dark eyes, see a soulless depth that needed to tear mine away from me?

And I ask – what if I had of stayed??