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Where are the colours?  Where are the hues?  The shades with their gradients of darkness?  The tints with their degrees of light?  Where is the spectrum of chromatics that radiate beauty upon the world.  Where is the rainbow with its continuous spectrum of colour made up of sparkles of water droplets?  The rainbow with its spectral smearing of primary luminosity?

All he saw was black and white!  Right and wrong!  No in-betweens!  No grey areas!  Yin and Yang!  In perfect balance!  Right and wrong!  And I was wrong!

And when you are wrong you need to be put right.  You need to understand why you are wrong.  What makes you wrong.   You need to understand how you need to be put right.  And you believe!  Everyday you believe!

Because everyday you are told to believe, to dream, to hope.  Everyday you are told to listen to your heart and to listen to the person who knows you better than anyone.  The person who is there to take care of you, to look after you and to keep you safe.

And the questioning starts, the doubts, the uncertainty.  You feel yourself taken apart.  But although you are scared, you know that you are being looked after.  You know that you are safe.  The promise was made to never hurt you.  The promise to fix your mind like your heart.

My mind did not need fixing!  My mind could see the colours, the spectrum of light.  My mind could see the in-betweens, the grey areas.  My mind did not see the world in black and white.

My mind did not need fixing!  I did not need fixing!  I was not broken!

Not until the damage had been done!

And today?  Today I look back and I smile because it was not me that was wrong.